Exchange 2007 Hosting with Entourage 2004

Configure Entourage 2004 with Exchange 2007 Hosting


  1. Launch Entourage 2004 and close the Entourage Setup Assistant window if it appears.

  2. Select About Entourage from the Entourage menu and verify that Entourage is at least version 11.2.1. Close the About Entourage window.

    About Entourage
  3. Select Accounts from the Tools menu and select Exchange... from the New menu.

    New Exchange Account
  4. In the Account Setup Assistant window, click the Configure account manually button.

    Account Setup Assistant
  5. In the Edit Account window under Account Settings, enter the following information
    (Some of this information must be provided by the Exchange Server administrator.):

  6. Account Settings
  7. In the Edit Account window under Advanced, enter the following information.

  8. Click the OK button. The Exchange Server email account will appear in the folders list in the Entourage Mail window and will begin to synchronize.

    Initial synchronization from the Exchange Server to Entourage may take several minutes before complete.